Meet our team

We are proud to welcome the Pathway Pediatrics team to the Trillium Health family! We are excited that Lesley Z. Glowinsky, MD, FAAP, Penelope Parris, MD, FAAP, and Elizabeth Supra, MD, FAAP, along with members of their Pathway Pediatrics team, have joined us to expand our services to include primary care pediatrics. Sarah Bolduc, MD, FAAP (not pictured), and Annamaria Kontor, MD, FAAP, will also be providing care to both children and young adults at this location.

Lesley Z. Glowinsky, MD, FAAP

Lesley Z. Glowinsky MD, FAAP

Penelope Parris, MD, FAAP

Penelope Parris MD, FAAP

Elizabeth Supra, MD, FAAP

Elizabeth Supra MD, FAAP

Annamaria Kontor, MD, FAAP

Annamaria Kontor MD, FAAP

Colleen Lewis, Social Worker

Colleen Lewis Social Worker

Sarah S. Easton, Nurse

Sarah S. Easton Nurse

Caylee Gilbert, Nurse

Caylee Gilbert Nurse

Christine Lyman, Nurse

Christine Lyman Nurse

Donna Hubbell, Patient Service Representative

Donna Hubbell Patient Service Representative

Laura Mau, Patient Service Representative

Laura Mau Patient Service Representative

“Thank you for being our partner in your family's health care because 'Our Children are Our Future!'”
- Lesley Z. Glowinsky, MD, FAAP, of Pathway Pediatrics